Our Story....

About 250 years ago I was introduced to music for the first time. Country, big band, early rock and roll, and I didn’t know it but I was hooked. Later I would sit for hours going through my parents record collection and wanting for more. By the time I was a teen ager I had started my own record collection and it has not stopped to this day. But just listening was not enough so I showed interest in playing and my Aunt decide to give me her Hawaiian lap steel guitar along with a whole course of lessons( the lessons I still have today as well the guitar) Later my Grandfather gave me his fiddle which he had bought used when he was 18 years old and I still have that today also. When I was 17 he moved from one town to another so I went to help him and when it was over he bought me my first bass guitar ( a Hofner violin bass copy) From there I played guitar, bass fiddle, as best I could but I was never good enough to play outside of the garage.

After years of just listening and not playing again I found an old best friend who played guitar and jammed with me in high school.. He had kept up with it and had gone even further and started a live sound and lighting company. This got my music juices flowing in full blast. My first show I did with them was Iron Butterfly and Canned Heat…..I was in awe, here was two bands that I had listened to since I could remember. Iron Butterfly was the first record album I bought. I sat in the front row with Ron Bushy, the man with the most famous drum solo on the planet and we had a conversation like we had been buddies forever… I was hooked forever….until I moved to the abyss of South Dakota.

Here I fell into a new musical seen, became friend with many awesome musicians and searched for a way to blend in. I saw bands I have only heard on record and found out some of them are local to this area.. The venues here are small enough that when an artist plays you can and will meet them and share times with them. I got interested when a friend that made guitars brought me a didley bo and I figured I could do that. I proceeded to build CBG’s and got hooked almost immediately. I have been building for about 3 years now and love every minute of it. I love seeing kids when they pick one up and get sound from it. Adults who have never one in their life seen one before. Getting a call to build a custom one after seeing some of my stuff online. I will do my best to build with utmost quality and keep cost to an affordable level without compromising the integrity of the build. We are here to serve the CBG community and to educate people in roots and blues instruments.

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