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This is one of my favorites. It starts with a Camacho barrel aged lacquered box with a tele style humbucker bridge with a humbucker pickup nestled in it. A strat style single coil at the neck. The neck is mahogany and maple with curl maple fretboard. tele control plate on the top side of the box for easy access.

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Appalachian Mouth Bow

These have been around since man first made a hunting bow. There are wall paintings of ancients playing their bows like an instrument. Today they are called Appalachian mouth bows and it is best known in the song by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Chicken Train……very simple to play and draws conversation where ever you might break it out..

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Cigar Box Guitar Clock

Here is a great conversation piece…. A cigar box guitar clock… it uses one AA battery and keeps great time too…

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Handmade custom slides made from a variety of materials from hardwoods and bone to acrylic and bone. brass. acrylic. etc. they all sound awesome and play very well ...

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